How to Choose The Best Coaching for You

Every student who is keen to prepare for IIT- JEE must have come across this dilemma. I was in a fix after my class X in selecting a coaching centre. I believe that there can’t be anything as ‘Best’ that accommodates students with various learning potentials and coming from various backgrounds. Allen, FIITJEE, Resonance, Narayana, PACE etc. are some of the well-reputed and top performing coaching centres. There are students, I know, who have cleared JEE (Advanced) without coaching. However, their number is really less. I secured a rank of AIR 10257 in my first attempt and AIR 2571 in my second attempt. During my first attempt, I had to change my coaching twice as the coaching institute fragmented into two. It had a negative impact on my preparations. I took one year drop at FIITJEE South Delhi and there was a marked difference in the quality of teaching.

However, you need to figure out certain characteristics of the various coaching centres before joining one. Some of the general traits to look out for are:

  1. Success ratio: This is the ratio of the number of students getting into IIT to the total number of students in the batch. Don’t just get swayed away by the number of students qualified and students securing top ranks. Students with All India Rank beyond 7000 hardly get a seat or sometimes aren’t even eligible for counselling. A coaching centre having a success rate of 5-10% with more than 100 students is definitely a good coaching centre for IIT-JEE. Qualifying JEE (Advanced) and getting into IIT are two different concepts. Very often, the coaching centres pay the top rankers to place their names in various advertisements.
  2. National Repute: It is always wise to join a reputed national level coaching centre. This is because these coaching centres conduct All India Test series where you get to gauge your potential time and again. One of the most common problems with coaching centres is that the teachers leave the coaching institutes in the mid-session. Local coaching centres often have tough times when such situations occur. This doesn’t happen in the reputed national level coaching centres. However, this should not be the only criterion. Had it been so, coaching centres like Vibrant Academy, Vidwan Classes, Career Point, CATJEE and numerous other institutes which are limited to certain regions would not have a purple patch in JEE coaching.
  3. Doubt Clearing Classes: You must ensure that the coaching centre provides an opportunity to get your doubts cleared even at the personal level. This is a crucial factor. While I was a part of a local coaching centre in Bhubaneswar, I had a hard time clearing my doubts. In my drop year, it wasn’t that tough. There was a Teachers’ House where teachers were available for most parts of the day. Sometimes, they were willing to spare as long as 2 hours on clearing personal doubts. Well, now the availability of various online platforms like HashLearn has changed the equation, but still, this is an important aspect to look out for while selecting a coaching centre.
  4. Teacher-Student Ratio: There are certain coaching institutes in Kota where the class strength exceeds 100. However, there are institutes which maintain a strength of 40 or 50 per class at maximum. The teacher- student ratio of a batch/class is really crucial because it gives an opportunity to interact with the teacher. Understanding the concepts taught in the class leaves you with more time to solve problems at home/hostel.
  5. Study Material: Coaching centres of national repute have well-designed study materials full of thought-showering problems. ‘Vidyamandir Classes (VMC)’ has one of the most well-designed study materials, covering questions of various types. The ‘Mathematics DPPs (Daily Practice Problems)’ of Bansal Classes have a great reputation. The FIITJEE Grand Master Package carries a lot of challenging questions and some questions are tougher than the JEE (Advanced) level. Solving these questions give you an edge over others. Resonance and Allen study materials are also up to the mark. Many local coaching centres use these materials for reference and often they don’t put much effort into making one.
  6. Affordability: This is perhaps the biggest issue which comes into play while selecting coaching centres. JEE (Advanced) coaching is expensive and can be economically exhaustive for parents. Coaching institutes having national reputation conduct admission tests and they offer a fee waiver to students based on their performance. You should look out for these tests. Further, if budget is a real constraint, one can take admission in a local coaching, buy study materials of various coaching centres and clear doubts through online platforms like HashLearn.

Therefore, a student should select the coaching centre based on his ability to learn and where he feels comfortable. Some students are intimidated to ask questions in a class with large strength.  So, it will be tough for them to sustain in such coaching centres. Some students staying in hostels become homesick. So, a lot of additional factors should be taken into account while selecting a coaching institute.

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